A New Beginning

14/02/2024 09:42, @ a coffee shop in Dresden
Dear reader,
my life so far has been motivated mostly and majorly by change, and new beginnings. 
What is life if not an abundance of small new beginnings, whether it’s the days and nights turning, decisions leading to new paths, or the changes of weather throughout the day, tainting or blooming your mood?
Ever since I was little, I’ve had my nose rooted in a book. Walking along London’s Embankment with my eyes on the page, only looking up a couple of times. Spending entire days in Piccadilly’s Waterstones until I could no longer hold the amount of books I was saving for myself. My shelf growing, me being unable to keep up reading. 

Reading, now that I think about it, was my first love. It’s a love I keep coming back to. That I keep on my night stand, in my tote bags, in my luggage to travels. I flee to books, I find comfort and sadness and nostalgia and joy in them. 
When I was thirteen, I remember this vividly and distinctively, I fell for my second love: Writing. I’d written short stories before, and English in school was my favourite subjects, solely because I was able to spend my productive time writing. My teacher submitted a piece of mine to a Creative Writing competition. I uploaded stories online that gathered traction and interest. I’ve posted blurbs of my writing projects that have peeked interest from literary agents and fellow writers. Now I’ve written a poetry collection and a contemporary novel, and I’ve about five ongoing projects, and more than 10 on hiatus, which I hope to come back to one day, when time allows, when yet other new beginnings are due.

Most of my writing and creative work have been done in coffee shops: where I live (in Dresden), in Berlin between nightly hang-outs, in London between living and working and seeing friends, in European cities during trips, in Vietnam during family visits. The coffee shop has always been the main setting of my creativity and serenity. I started working in one, then became team leader in the following year.
Knowing this about me now, I’m sure the conclusion that I came to in 2020 is simple: I want to create something that combines a plethora of little joys. Excellent coffee and tea, English books that you may not find in your usual English section in German stores, some stationary and own merch. 

Now, opening a store isn’t easy when you aren’t exactly rich. It takes its time, and I depend on helpful mentors and the support of my loved ones. There are unexpected hurdles within the journey that are out of your control. Life keeps you on your toes when you have many passions, and so much ambition, but so little time. But it doesn’t mean you can’t move forward anyway. It is already surreal to think that this idea is not a draft anymore, it is in revision, and when I hit Publish, it will be real.

Apart from the normal coffee you might already be used to, I am adding my Vietnamese roots by serving Cà Phê, amongst other specialties that may include coconut. There will be some smaller bakes, bite- and hand-sized.
The books will be available in different specific categories, which will be a helpline for browsing visitors. The focus is translated work from less represented areas and authors in the world, independent work, as well as art and design books, poetry books, nonfiction work, the usual bestsellers and new paperback releases. The classics we know and love will find their way on the shelf, too. You will be able to order any book you're looking for with us, and there will be an online shop if you're from further away.
I can't wait for you to find your new favourite spot to find your favourite book, and for you to begin a new chapter, sipping on a coffee into a new day.

A newsletter will be active soon. Stay tuned. 

With love,